One of the things that people, especially women, dread is getting old because as one gets old, the signs of aging appears, no matter how much you don't want it to. Rarely would you find women aging beautifully and defying the age and time. Would you like to know their skin care secrets?

You'll find here some of the basic regimen that women over the age of 50 should consider.

The sun's harmful rays are the number 1 enemy of your skin. Stay away from the sun between 10am and 4pm, for it is when the sun's UV rays are at its peak. Excessive exposure to the sun's harmful rays cause wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and worst, cancer. If you need to go out during those times or your work requires you to be out in the sun most of the time, you have to ensure you have adequate protection. Apply sunscreen, wear a wide bream hat, wear anything with sleeves, and long pants.

One of the most important skin care regimen is exfoliation. It is an effective way to maintain younger-looking skin. When you exfoliate on a regular basis, you get rid of the dead skin cells which hinder new and healthy skin cells from emerging. Mild scrubs would help remove dead skin cells.

In addition to exfoliation, another must-do skin care routine is moisturizing. Your skin, especially as you age, needs to be rehydrated and moisturized to maintain its softness and suppleness. It helps to look for moisturizes with anti-aging properties. Harsh weather conditions can also cause your skin to dry out so during the dry months, make sure you moisturize every few hours. Aside from anti-aging properties, look, also, for products that contain collagen to further prevent the appearance of the common signs of aging.

Another activity that is relative to proper skin care regimen is being active through exercise. At 50, you don't have to perform strenuous workout routines just to get the exercise you need. You can do simpler and lighter exercise routines. Walking, jogging, or running around the neighborhood. As you sweat, you also unclog the skin pores, thereby preventing skin breakouts.

Detoxifying plays an important role if you want to have youthful skin. If you have not been drinking lots of water, then you have to start now and make sure that you have a steady supply of water all throughout the day, at least 8 glasses. Water flushes out harsh impurities and effectively hydrates your skin. The best step - water in, alcohol out, for if you want to maintain that youthful glow is to stay away from alcohol and smoking.

A regular visit to a dermatologist can help maintain that youthful glow because a dermatologist can recommend and give tips on how to better take care of your skin.

Maintain a healthy diet; it is not only good for the sin but also for your overall health condition.

Who says you can't look great at age 50? Defy the odds with these helpful skin care tips.

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