With its fleetHQ service system, Goodyear provides the best in service solutions for commercial fleet GPS System. The Truck Finder GPS System allows commercial tire dealers to quickly track their sales and service vehicles conveniently on a computer screen. By working with each truck's GPS Unit, delivering exact data on distances and tire performance, improving communication and providing immediate roadside assistance in case of tire failure, fleetHQ can help any fleet save money and make its operations more efficient.

Cost assurance is extremely helpful for any business. Commercial fleets, though, have to deal with changes in fuel and tire costs from location to location. fleetHQ from Goodyear helps businesses control costs through its preferred fleet program. Once a company enrolls in this program, it pays the same price for fleetHQ covered services at any parti[censored] ting dealer, anywhere in the country. The preferred fleet program also directs all bills to the fleet's hometown dealer. There is no need to carry cash to pay for tire services.

fleetHQ also provides an online tire management tool, TV Track. Fleets and owner-operators can use this tool in conjunction with a Commercial GPS to monitor tire performance, record tire wear conditions, and more. Goodyear provides further online resources with its fleetHQ blog where fleets and owner-operators interact with Tim Miller, their "Tire Answer Man." Miler's extensive experience in the tire and trucking industries makes him a valuable resource for any fleet.

In case of tire failure, the fleetHQ Solution Center provides access to a team of trained tire professionals at all hours. Customers can access the Solution Center by calling a dedicated number, online or with a smartphone app. In the latter case, the smartphone's built-in GPS Unit allows fleetHQ to pinpoint the location of the emergency. fleetHQ's TirePix services provides pictures of tires changed during a service call, integrating seamlessly with the other fleetHQ service.

By using Commercial GPS support, integrating each trucker's GPS Unit and the latest in communications technology, Goodyear's fleetHQ system provides a full range of services. Customers get guaranteed prices at any parti[censored] ting dealer and enjoy plenty of online resources. Thanks to GPS System integration, fleetHQ help is always just minutes away.

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